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FLIP KNIVES - Open and close the blade with your fingers. No springs - legal in the UK and most countries.


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Flip Knife

The flip knife was designed, named, patented and produced by Steve Mearns from 1998 to 2000.
He came up with the name flipknives or flipknife to refer to his latest invention USA PATENT NUMBER 5,953,821 .
The term flip knives is now being used by many people to describe all sorts of knives that are nothing like a flipknife.
These original I.D.2000 flip knives were produced in the UK in 2000 AD. The metal parts were made in Sheffield using the traditional methods. The molded parts were made and the flipknives assembled in Portsmouth home to the British Navy.
The flip knives are of very high quality and no corners were cut in there production !!!!
Sorry for this - I want to see the interest in my Flip Knives
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