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FLIP KNIVES - Open and close the blade with your fingers. No springs - legal in the UK and most countries.


Er zijn nog geen producten in jouw winkelwagen geplaatst.

Flip knife Carbon Composite
Flipknife - Black Carbon Composite - Polished Blade

I.D.2000 Flipknife - Carbon Composite handle - Polished High Carbon Sheffield Steel Blade. Weighs only 77 gram ( 2.7oz ).



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Carbon fiber composite is very dark grey, almost matt black and non reflective. It has a dry feel that gives a non slip grip. Super light it makes the lightest, strongest and safest flipknife and weighs in at only 77 gram ( 2.7 oz ) ideal knife if you are tracking,climbing,or trying to travel light.The Hollow ground polished blades are made from high carbon Sheffield steel that is not stainless, I polished them just for show and they will not stay polished for long if you work with the knife. Not many available.

Sorry for this - I want to see the interest in my Flip Knives
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