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FLIP KNIVES - Open and close the blade with your fingers. No springs - legal in the UK and most countries.


Er zijn nog geen producten in jouw winkelwagen geplaatst.

See below for advice on the best flip knife for you.

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Which blade finish suits you ? 
These flip knives are highly functional tools and If you want a knife to work with then I would recommend blades with a standard satin finish.
The high carbon steel blades are not stainless and will patina with use.The "Gun Blue" offers some protection but it does wear off with use.
These blades were gun blued in the Sheffield factory using an oven. You can touch up or gunblue the blades yourself at home.
Polished blades will also patina if used and are more suited to collectors show models. I have made very few of them.

Choice of handle material ?
The zytel handles are much stronger than most peoples hands & thumbs - well used for tools - it is extremely tough.
Lapis blue and light coloured handles help you see and find your knife if you drop it or in poor light.
The carbon fiber composite handles have a dry feel that has an excellent grip, they are also lighter and stronger than zytel.
It is very dark grey, almost matt black and is non reflective so quite tactical especially when combined with a gun blued blade.


Sorry for this - I want to see the interest in my Flip Knives
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