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FLIP KNIVES - Open and close the blade with your fingers. No springs - legal in the UK and most countries.


Es gibt keine Produkte in Ihrem Warenkorb.

flip knife blue Flip knife open Flip knife closed
flip knife blue Flip knife open Flip knife closed
Flip knife - Blue - Satin finished blade.
‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčFlip knife - Lapiz blue Zytel handle¬†- satin finished Sheffield steel blade¬†with brass rivots. This functional cutting tool weighs in at only 80 gram ( 2.8 oz ).




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Flip knife with lapiz blue zytel, steel and gold brass rivots make this my first choice for an eye catching fuctional working flipknife.
Bright blue handle helps you find it if you loose it in the grass or you put it down and the sun set while you were fishing.
Zytel is a material widely used for tool handles, it is very strong, light and shockproof.
Satin finished High Carbon Sheffield Steel is an excellent steel used in many cutting tools.
My blades are hardened to Rockwell 58, which is as hard you can harden a blade and still retaining blade flexability.
Any harder the blade could be brittle and snap - too soft it will not hold a sharp edge.

It is not stainless and will patina with use, similar steel is used in saw blades, chisels and many cutting tools. 

Sorry for this - I want to see the interest in my Flip Knives
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